Blind Date / Berlin, Bötzowstraße 12 / 2002 > > >

We met up without any trouble at the lovely spot of yellow on Bötzowstrasse. Our interest in the phone booth, though amply apparent did not alter its muteness at all. It was Anita who took the call; after a few frosty minutes she told us the rest: Cross the street, go into a building and up to the very top. the attic proved quite typical: signs of age, time and use, cool, subdued. There where two open doors from the stairs:(...) To the left of the stairs, the larger part of the loft. Just inside the doorway: a ladder, stable and slanting, pointing the way to the roof. The seekers pass through the space. The first climbs the ladder; on the slant, in the cold, the city shows up clearly...Silke is found next to teapots on a white cloth. But first, back down to the attic: (...)The skylights in the slanted roof:ultramarine. each its own.
On the other side, behind the ladder, an area swept dust-white, later joined by shoeprints. The attic extends around a corner into a side wing, a wall prevents further passage. Anyone who peers through a small hole appears, almost comically, in a mirrow hung far up in the upper right-hand corner. ...The first person climbs back up the ladder again. Soon we drank tea together-with words, of course. A fresh event, this morning!....
Kerstin Gottschalk