Kitchen-Painting /Ekta 5x3m , 2h/ Srinagar, Kashmir / 2012 > > >

The kitchen is changed into a colour installation. I invite students of Ekta -School of Drama and participants of KASHMIR.POINT.CHARLIE to alter the materials in the room. After having dinner together the colours are changed in a two hour rehearsal. The improvisation happen with differing energy levels, songs, sequences of play and abstract gestures.

"It is up to you how you work with your resources in the last day in the kitchen we did not know what is going on audience were coming in and out (during two hours) What I get from this is how you can use little things in your life, often you cant see these things we do not use them properly enhances you to think beyond the limitations of your resources, this can go very deep." Rehana Rashid Srinagar 2012