Quite Times / Karl Oskar galerie Berlin / silk, canvas and found materials, Natural Dyes. Plant color 3,75m x 10m x6m 2020
Photo: Ron Helbig >

I collect berries , obtain color and dye the silk and canvas in the natur, I sew the textils and bring the fabric into the galerie space for a site specific installation a living painting.

" Released from the canvas, painting is brought into the three- dimensional space, where it is then free to become architecture, object or clothing. At the center of the exhibition space we see a large textile hanging from the ceiling, partially dyed using vegetable dyes. The cloth is hung in order to create a curved structure, something between a veil and a wall. This curvature allows for the spatial work to be accessible, so that the viewer is not just facing it and has the opportunity to enter it. Entering this space is to be surrounded by painting itself - a mediative experience likened to being somewhere both permanent and ephemeral at once."
Amrita Dhillon 2020